The most effective way for organizations to reduce the cost of maintaining enterprise security and improve security postures is to automate and optimize information security. Vanguard Professional Services offers many mainframe security services to enable security automation and optimization.

Vanguard Professional Services include penetration testing, security assessments, remediations, implementations of application and RACF security, migrations to RACF® security from ACF2, Top Secret and DB2®, and customized System z® security training programs.


  • Helps ensure critical assets are protected and in compliance.
  • Wide range of System z security services offered.
  • Largest and most experienced group of System z security experts in the industry.
  • Team members average 30 years of mainframe and RACF security experience.
  • Proven track record and hundreds of satisfied customers.
  • Projects completed quickly and cost effectively.
  • Team provides knowledge transfer and training to internal staff to help ensure assets are protected.

Vanguard Professional Services Offerings

Vanguard Professional Services provides a wide range of mainframe security services including:
  • Penetration testing to detect system weaknesses and exposures.
  • Security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and prioritize risk.
  • Remediation services to reduce risk and ensure compliance.
  • Implementation services for applications and RACF to secure systems and procedures.
  • Migrations to RACF from ACF2, Top Secret and DB2 to streamline security administration and increase protection.
  • Customized training programs to enable organizations to implement and maintain secure and compliant mainframe systems.

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